Luxury spas and exclusive resort pools have sported crushed pebble aggregate finishing for years. Modern day consumers are aware that these finishes add more than just aesthetic appeal to a pool feature and that there are some functional benefits to the material as well.

A number of pools on commercial and residential properties now have Beadcrete surfacing. This trademarked pool plaster has minute glass beads incorporated into it, creating a stunning, durable and unique 3-D effect in the pool. We at Swim-Rite Pools have handled a significant number of Beadcrete pool projects for clients in Torrance, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach. Word of our expertise has spread to Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, as well as Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Our bead plaster creations adorn numerous properties in Rolling Hills, San Pedro, Lomita, and we cater to clients in the surrounding areas as well. The smoother alternative to pebble, Beadcrete is the only pool finish of its kind; created with stunning glass beads that dazzle under both natural & artificial lighting. Beadcrete’s patented finish is long-lasting, low-maintenance and highly durable.

Beadcrete - The Features and Benefits

  • They create a stunning sparkling finish of amazing aesthetic appeal
  • This surface offers improved durability
  • You don’t have to worry about color fading
  • Beadcrete is easy on the skin and is lesslikely to cause abrasions and cuts
  • It creates a slip-resistant surface

We at Swim-Rite Pools provide custom installation of these high-end exclusive pools finish products. For more information, call us at 310-704-8105. We assure you of the best services at the most competitive Beadcrete installation cost. You can also send us your project details via this Contact Us form and we will revert shortly.

The smoother alternative to pebble, is the only pool finish of its kind. Created with glass beads that dazzle under both natural and artificial lights. Beadcretes patented finish is long lasting,low maintenance and highly durable.

Beadcrete Beadcrete Beadcrete

Beadcrete Beadcrete

Beadcrete Preblend

Beadcrete® Pre-Blended pool Finish. Now available! – a Pre-Blended Pool Finish featuring the rare beauty of Beadcrete's® patented glass bead finish. Offered in six exclusive colors, Beadcrete Pre-Blended Pool Finish is the ultimate crowning touch for any pool or spa.

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